Project Stardust – 0.81

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this VR project or the purpose check out this post. It is an X-Wing Virtual Reality experience created by Dylan Stout, a VR researcher and software developer.

You can DOWNLOAD Project Stardust 0.81 HERE

Project Stardust –

MD5 Checksum: 53D01C4D579DCB8D1D4F077F2FD73B24

(1.67GB / 1,799,326,515 bytes)

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Try the downloads here:

Project Stardust

If neither of them work contact me on twitter.

Is this program safe?

I highly recommend running your own anti-virus scans on the entire contents of your download.

I provide virustotal scans of some of the main executable(s) here: [Project Stardust.exe | UnityCrashHandler64.exe]

If you play the experience, PLEASE fill out the research survey HERE

If you encounter any bugs please submit them HERE

Minimum Specifications

  • VR: SteamVR compatible HMD & Sensors
  • INPUT: Oculus Touch Controllers, Vive Wands, Index Knuckle Controllers, or WMR motion controllers
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4590/AMD FX 8350 equivalent or better
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or later, Windows 10
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290 equivalent or better

While the above are the minimum requirements for running the experience at an acceptable level for our research; lower-end systems have been reported to be compatible with running on lower graphics settings.


You can find a full changelog of the lastest update changes HERE. Below I provide a summary of the major feature changes over the past few iterations.

New Cockpit Model & Interaction

Feel the full power of the force with this beautiful new interior. Complete with glowing and blinking buttons and UI items for full input feedback.

Per-Axis Radar System

Can’t find those pesky enemies? Cycle through the available axis of 3-dimensional space to spot their energy signatures.

Lock-on Targeting & UI

Chase those TIE Fighters no more, simply put them in your firing cone and lock on! I got one!

Gamepads, HOTAS, Keyboards, and more!

Integrated with Rewired to extend controller support to damn near everything (check full list here)

Custom Control Mappings

Allows the user to create and save control configurations easier that the previous versions.

Audio Controls & Mixing Improvements

Allow user to mix audio levels; now you can turn down my inconsistent audio levels! Hooray!


Trying to thin out the torrent of messages and emails I get about menial things I have created a REAME.html file in the root of Project Stardust directory that can be a fountain of information about how to setup and use the application.

Virtual HOTAS [preview]

NO, unfortunately it doesn’t control anything yet… but I think I have the hand pose and interactions working okay. Test it out by toggling it in the main or pause menus.

Hide VR Controllers

Allows user to play “slappers-only” by hiding VR controllers.

Menu & Configuration System

Users can now control audio levels, reticle positions, toggling some in-game objects, and more.

Tutorial Level

Tutorial level updated with changes to show you the ropes.


Spent 3/4 of the update development cycle on making this run as fast as possible. Replaced all models with 4 different LOD for swapping and optimization at distance. Optimized the HDR, Bloom, Post Processing, & Lens Flares (ode to JJ Abrams). Optimized cockpit model & textures. General optimizations all around the board for graphics.

AI Update

Made the enemy a little smarter in dogfights, better waypoint system to keep enemies from flocking behind player.

Flight System

Physics have been tweaked for the flight system to allow more fluid movements. Particle effects directly tied thrust input give users direct sense of motion and direction. Added a “boost” ability to allow for a momentary increase in thrust, also tied to a particle effect. User must be thrusting to boost. Added sensitivity settings to yaw / pitch / roll.

Death Star Surface Level

Retextured surface, added audio clips, and animated new ally movements.

Trench Level

The Trench level is completely re-done. Spared no expense! Users now have full flight control and must navigate newly modeled obstacles. The audio clips have been re-arranged and some new ones have been added for extra immersion.

And of course, another NEW death star explosion… my favorite part.

Developer Notes

If you have any questions, comments, or run into problems feel free to contact me through Project Stardust’s twitter @XWingVR

This update has been quite a journey with over 1000+ hours put into improving the game. As an avid Star Wars fan it has become a personal goal of mine to keep this project alive as long as possible. I hope it improves my abilities as a designer, programmer, researcher, and artist. Hopefully in the future Disney/LucasFilms will also see the research value of Project Stardust and how the Star Wars universe is enabling interesting insights into VR sickness and vection. I have NEVER and WILL NEVER monetize or profit from this project or it’s subsequent research in any way. The models, music, dialogue, and story are my own creative renditions on the original and are used for the sake of immersing the user in a way that contributes to more viable user data for the research. To those who know me it is no secret that I harbor a deep passion for both science fiction and grounded science, therefore this project is certainly fulfilling long-held childhood dreams of mine. Contribute to science and play the experience!

When I have the time I will write up a roadmap for the next update! May the force be with you all.

Dylan Stout

Machine Learning Software Engineer at Microsoft & volunteer VR/AI researcher University of Utah

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