Who are you?

Well… if you must know, my name is Dylan Stout and I am a Software Engineer working on a Data Science & Machine Learning team. I volunteer spare time as a researcher for the Quantitative Experience Design lab at the University of Utah writing software for AI & Virtual Reality projects.

I have over a decade of experience building all sorts of software. My most recent ventures include:

  • X-Wing Virtual Reality simulator to study VRS and vection in VR
  • Developing Machine Learning solutions to solve problems in Sales, Marketing, and Retail
  • Procedural generation tool for creating 3D environments in Unity
  • Virtual HOTAS VR interaction prototype for SteamVR
  • My own programming language called¬†Curly¬†
  • Web app(s) to interface with cranes and conveyors at Amazon, IKEA, and Nike
  • RFID scanning software for University library systems
  • Online collaborative spreadsheet tool

You can check out some my public-facing work on my Github or check out my VR project’s twitter (@XWingVR)

If you’d like to know more or ever need to contact me, use the the following methods: LinkedIn, Github, or Twitter